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11th Grade Lesson Plans

11th Grade Lesson Plans
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Lesson plans are used to help guide instruction. Lesson plans cover multiple topics and objectives that introduce students to important skills and practices throughout the year. Time4Learning provides 11th grade lessons plans for math, social studies, language arts, science and any elective you choose from our current offerings.

If you want to create your own lesson plans for your 11th grader, or would like to add to what we offer, below is some information to help get started. Below, you’ll also find a short sample of our lesson plans by subject.

How to Make a Lesson Plan for Eleventh Grade

For parents who wish to upgrade their eleventh grade lesson plans, we’ve provided some tips that should help you succeed. And it doesn’t matter if you are planning for the day, week or for the whole year, a solid lesson plan will help your children meet their eleventh grade objectives.

  • Define your objectives for each lesson.
  • Create an outline that includes the materials that you will need.
  • Include a timeline for your lessons.
  • Warm up your children by providing them with a synopsis and by asking specific questions on the subject.
  • Begin the lessons by providing some fundamental information on the subject.
  • Designate a few assignments to judge how much your children have learned.
  • Provide ample time for your children to ask questions on the parts of the subjects that they might be struggling to understand.
  • End the lesson with a complete rundown of all the information.

11th Grade Lesson Plans for Math

More than 300 activities included in the Algebra II curriculum; the course we recommend for 11th grade math.

Below are some of the lessons, 11th grade students will study:

  • Relationships between quantities.
  • Quadratics and complex numbers.
  • Polynomial equations.
  • Rational and radical functions.
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

11th Grade Lesson Plans for Language Arts

In Time4Learning’s 11th grade lessons for language arts students will delve into American literature from early American Indian voices through contemporary works. More than 10 chapters and 500+ activities to engage students in literary analysis and inferential evaluation of great texts.

Some of the literature included in our lessons plans for 11th grade include:

  • American Roots: From Native Traditions to the American Revolution
  • Bright Romanticism: American Individualism
  • Dark Romanticism: American Gothic
  • Realist Novel Study: The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  • Modern Drama Study

11th Grade Lesson Plans for Science

With more than 10 chapters and 350 activities, students will explore new discoveries in physics, our recommended course for 11th grade. Students will get a clear understanding of the laws that govern the physical universe and conduct experiments that require hypothesis creation and asking questions.

Some of the lessons included in the physics curriculum include:

  • Motion: Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
  • Universal Law of Gravitation
  • Thermodynamics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Modern Physics

11th Grade Lesson Plans for Social Studies

In 11th grade social studies we recommend the U.S. History 2 course. The lesson plans include more than 12 chapters and over 350 activities to help students examine the major events and turning points of U.S. history.

Below are just a few lessons you will find in our U.S. History II curriculum:

  • Industrialization and the Gilded Age
  • Immigration and Urbanization
  • Progressivism and Reform
  • Imperialism and the Great War
  • The 20’s and the Great Depression

What Is Included In Time4Learning’s 11th Grade Lesson Plans?

Time4Learning’s eleventh grade lesson plans give you everything you need to homeschool your junior student. Each lesson comes complete with instructions, activities, tools and experienced guidance by teachers. It’s especially helpful for parents because it teaches complicated concepts for you.

When you team up with Time4Learning, you will receive:

  1. Complete curriculum details for all eleventh grade courses.
  2. Description and objectives for all courses and lessons.
  3. Number of chapters, activities, quizzes within each subject.
  4. Activity type (scored, non-scored, test).
  5. Easy access to additional chapters within each subject.
  6. Various activities that help ensure skill mastery including non-scored activities and quizzes.

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