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High School U.S. History 1 Curriculum

High School U.S. History 1 Curriculum
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A comprehensive U.S. History 1 curriculum will center its attention on American history and include information about the 13 colonies, the key battles in the Revolutionary war, Jacksonian democracy, the Civil War and more.

If you’re interested in learning about what to teach in U.S. History 1, what your objectives should be as the year progresses and why Time4Learning is an excellent option, the following information will help answer your questions.

What do you teach in U.S. History 1?

In high school, the study of American history is usually broken into two courses to explore the history of the United States of America in depth.

U.S. History 1 curriculum topics should include:

  • Voyages of Columbus and the relationship between the explorers and the American Indians
  • Colonization, the different colonies, and colonial life
  • The Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary war, the constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Washington’s presidency and the new political parties
  • The War of 1812 and the Monroe Doctrine
  • Manifest Destiny, and the Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • Sectionalism, slavery in American culture and the rise of abolition
  • Life during the Civil War and the southern surrender
  • Lincoln’s goals for reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow laws

Time4Learning auto-assigns U.S. History 1, but parents have the ability to choose other subjects within the curriculum.

You can learn more about each lesson on our 9th grade scope and sequence and 9th grade lesson plans pages.

Learning Objectives for U.S. History 1

As the year comes to a close, your child should have an acute understanding of the migration process to America, the thirteen colonies, the Revolutionary and Civil wars, the reconstruction and expansion of America and more.

Some objectives you can establish include:

  • Understand the relationships between the colonies and the American Indians
  • Explain the key turning points in the Revolutionary war
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Accurately describe the impact of industrialization and the economic impact of slavery
  • Explain key strategies of the north and south during the civil war
  • Describe the challenges faced during construction of the transcontinental railroad

Why Choose Time4Learning U.S. History 1 Homeschool Curriculum?

Time4Learning helps your students achieve the objectives summarized above and expand their knowledge on critically important issues in U.S. history such as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, slavery, the reconstruction and expansion of America after the war, and more.

If you choose to use Time4Learning’s U.S. History 1 curriculum as a full curriculum package or as a supplement, the entertaining interactive courses will encourage independent learning, and help your child better understand the events, people, concepts, and strategies that occurred throughout history.

The following are some additional benefits that you and your child will enjoy while you use Time4Learning’s U.S. History 1 curriculum.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Our U.S. History 1 curriculum provides video lessons (with closed-captioning), to enhance the learning experience of all students, including those with special needs.
  • Detailed lesson plans are available for parents to review lesson content.
  • Time4Learning’s automated system grades lessons, tracks progress and keeps reports for homeschool portfolio usage — something parents appreciate.
  • Parents can easily keep their children’s lessons in order by using our activity planner and curriculum calculator.
  • Our U.S. history 1 curriculum aligns with the state and national standards.
  • Our curriculum stimulates rote memorization while also promoting critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Helps students develop awareness of the American values and societal diversity and complexity.
  • Works for different homeschooling styles.
As a Supplement
  • Our interactive lessons make learning more enjoyable and keep your children focused for longer periods of time.
  • Lessons, quizzes and tests can be taken over as often as your child needs to completely understand the subjects.
  • Parents have the flexibility to follow the suggested course sequence or tailor the courses based on their child’s needs.
  • Students can skip to those lessons that cover challenging topics for them, making a great after school program.
  • Time4Learning’s computer-based lessons encourage independent learning and build confidence.
  • Tons of visually appealing materials, as well as written and spoken lessons to support different learning styles.
  • There is 24/7 access to our lessons so children can use our U.S. History 1 curriculum at any time, which makes sense for summer and after school learning.
  • A summer learning supplement to prevent summer slide or get ahead for the next school year.

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