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12th Grade English Language Arts Curriculum

12th Grade English Language Arts Curriculum
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A proficiency in 12th grade language arts (reading, writing, and communication) is essential to success in college or career. In fact, English language arts skills are arguably the most important that students obtain because they are essential to the study of all other subjects.

On this page you will discover the key English language arts (ELA) concepts your 12th grader will need to know, learn more about the objectives for each of the areas of 12th grade ELA curriculum, and find out how Time4Learning’s 12th grade English curriculum helps homeschool families achieve their goals for this important year of education.

What Do You Learn in 12th Grade English Language Arts?

A typical course of study for 12th grade ELA would include literature, composition, grammar, and vocabulary. Using Time4Learning’s 12th grade English IV curriculum, students will focus in on the study of British Literature, and cover topics such as:

  • Identifying the ideas, values, and themes of a historical period from the poetry of Shakespeare, Donne, Marvell, and others.
  • Exploring the societal issues of the period through reading The Canterbury Tales and Paston Letters.
  • Looking closely at symbolism in the works of William Blake.
  • Analyzing the mystery genre by reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Building vocabulary through Greek and Latin root study.
  • Writing analytical essays to demonstrate their understanding of a text.

Learn more about Time4Learning’s twelfth grade English language arts curriculum by checking out the 12th grade English language arts scope and sequence page and the 12th grade English language arts lesson plans.

Reading Goals/Objectives for 12th grade

At the high school level, reading instruction moves past decoding and fluency and focuses more on vocabulary and comprehension. Individual remediation may be needed in specific areas, particularly if standardized tests have consistently shown weakness in one or more skills. Some of the goals of reading curriculum for senior year may include:

  • Using the analysis of root words, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms to understand unfamiliar words in text.
  • Identify the meanings of common idioms and literary allusions.
  • Comparing and contrasting how British literature has developed in a historical context.
  • Recognizing the elements of various genres of literature.
  • Comparing and contrasting conventional and contemporary poetry.
  • Draw conclusions and make inferences on information presented in non-fiction texts.

Writing Goals/Objectives for 12th grade

12th graders practice all forms of writing, with an emphasis on writing coherent and focused persuasive essays that convey a well-defined perspective and tightly reasoned argument. By their senior year, students should be able to think critically about ideas and then present their conclusions in a clear and well-organized composition.

Twelfth grade writing objectives will include:

  • Using the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing) when writing an essay.
  • Writing in a variety of forms, according to the purpose or audience of the text.
  • Being able to critically analyze their own writing as well as the writing of others.
  • Using the rules and conventions of grammar to write clearly and effectively.

Grammar Goals/Objectives for 12th Grade

Because  the rules of grammar are tested on college entrance exams, it is important that 12th graders review the core conventions. Grammatical concepts that often trip up even high school students include:

  • Subject-pronoun agreement
  • Parallel sentence structure
  • Verb tense
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Noun agreement
  • Commas and conjunctions

Why Choose Time4Learning 12th Grade English Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s senior-year English Language Arts course invites homeschoolers to explore a diverse collection of texts organized into thematic units. Students will engage in literary analysis and inferential evaluation of both classic and contemporary literature. While critically reading fiction, poetry, drama, and expository nonfiction, 12th graders will learn comprehension and literary-analysis strategies. Tasks will build oral language skills and produce creative, coherent writing.

Some of the reasons that families choose Time4Learning’s language arts curriculum for 12th grade include:

As a Full Curriculum
  • Parents can log into the Parent Dashboard to review lesson plans and preview lessons.
  • Members get 24/7 access to a whole year’s worth of materials, so families can begin at any time and use the program in whatever way works best for them.
  • Fully online program allows families to take their homeschooling on-the-go, perfect for roadschoolers, worldschoolers and more.
  • Our program includes tools for parents to easily track student progress and even plan out your homeschool year.
  • Standards-based courses help high schoolers prepare for college entrance exams such as the SAT/ACT.
As a Supplement
  • Interactive lessons include a mixture of instructional videos and tasks.
  • To ensure mastery of specific concepts, the curriculum provides assessments throughout including quizzes, tests, and cumulative exams.
  • As a student-paced program, it can be used for remediation or acceleration. Perfect for afterschool or summer learning.
  • Easy-to-use customization tools allow parents to easily add and remove content so their students can focus on exactly the concepts they need to.
  • Real-time data and reporting in the parent dashboard allows parents to evaluate student performance at a glance.

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