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1st Grade Language Arts Curriculum

1st Grade Language Arts Curriculum
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A child’s first grade language arts education is of the utmost importance for a number of reasons. During this year, students will be introduced to a number of foundational concepts and learn a vast array of crucial skills that will pave the way for the reading and writing that they will continue to build on for years to come.

A first grade language arts curriculum should cover several topics, all with the shared goal of building and improving communication skills. This is accomplished by teaching topics such as phonics, reading, reading comprehension, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. This page will give you an overview of what a first grade language arts curriculum should include, as well as concepts your child should know in first grade, learning objectives, and more.

What Language Arts Concepts Should a 1st Grader Know?

In 1st grade students should start understanding and using new words throughout the year. A typical course of study for 1st grade language arts will include will include a number of language arts concepts such as:

  • The alphabet – Students should be able to recite the alphabet, recognize all the letters, and know the sounds they make.
  • Pre-reading – Students should be familiar with the parts of a book, as well as the roles of an author and illustrator; blend sounds, such as consonant-vowel-consonant combinations; be able to read the kindergarten sight/Dolch words.
  • Writing – Students should be able to write all the letters of the alphabet in lower- and upper-case; write their first and last name; spell shorter words correctly, and longer words phonetically.

The ideal first grade language arts curriculum should ensure mastery of these concepts and skills for your student. Check out Time4Learning’s 1st grade language arts scope and sequence as well as our 1st grade language arts lesson plans to find out how we can help your student master these crucial concepts, what’s included, and what you can expect your child to learn with our award-winning curriculum.

Reading Goals/Objectives for 1st Grade

Reading is a big part of first grade. As your child begins to broaden their reading skills, you’ll notice that they’ll begin to read words everywhere they go and relish in their newly developed skill. It’s important that you read to your child, and vice versa, on a daily basis to help them develop their literacy skills even further. A comprehensive and effective first grade language arts curriculum will help your child accomplish the following goals and objectives:

  • Increase vocabulary as they blend consonant sounds, vowel and consonant digraphs, and more.
  • Read simple stories fluently and independently.
  • Retell the main idea of a story and answer questions about the text.
  • Identify parts of a story or book.
  • Know the names and sounds of all the consonants and vowels.
  • Understand phonics concepts such as consonant combinations.
  • Develop an understanding of composition.
  • Learn more about the Time4Learning homeschool reading curriculum and discover the steps students should take in order to be fluent, proficient readers.

Learn more about the Time4Learning homeschool reading curriculum and discover the steps students should take in order to be fluent, proficient readers.

Writing Goals/Objectives for 1st Grade

In first grade, students begin to learn how to organize their thoughts in order to write sentences that are coherent, while also taking into account a number of factors such as those listed below. They’ll learn that paragraphs should have a beginning, middle and end. And although spelling skills may not be fully mastered, using ‘invented’ spelling means that students are understanding letter sounds and spelling things as they hear them when they sound them out.

Below are a few objectives that first graders should be able to master.

  • Write from top to bottom, left to right while using spacing between words.
  • Correctly write 3- 4-letter words and longer words phonetically.
  • Write simple sentences and short stories or paragraphs in chronological order.

In addition to Time4Learning, an online writing curriculum can help students master specific concepts such as sentence writing, grammar, mechanics, and more.

Grammar Goals/Objectives for 1st Grade

Grammar and writing go hand in hand. Without proper grammar skills, students won’t be able to form complete, coherent sentences. In addition to the objectives listed below, using the proper subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, and correct punctuation are just some of the goals first graders should work toward.

  • Use correct capitalization and punctuation.
  • Understand and identify the parts of speech and types of sentences.
  • Identify compound words and distinguish between proper and possessive nouns.

Why Choose Time4Learning First Grade Language Arts Curriculum?

Time4Learning helps students go from reading readiness to actual reading throughout first grade. Our award-winning curriculum lets parents focus on improving their child’s vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, reading, and writing skills by automating the grading, lesson planning and reporting process.

Our first grade language arts curriculum teaches students through interactive lessons and activities, printable worksheets, and more. With a simple-to-follow format that builds on previous material, students are able to expand their knowledge and build their language arts skills in order to master concepts in reading, writing, grammar, and more.

Below are just some of the benefits and convenient features of Time4Learning.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Comprehensive curriculum in language arts correlates to all state standards.
  • Access to year’s worth of material for language arts includes more than 450 activities.
  • Material is presented in suggested sequence that builds on itself.
  • Automated grading and reporting makes recordkeeping effortless and saves parents time.
  • Printable worksheets help reinforce online lessons and help students practice their handwriting.
  • Language arts curriculum teaches phonics, reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and more.
  • Detailed lesson plans include tons of information on each lesson and activity.
  • Curriculum calculators and activity planners help parents create schedules and plan for the year.
  • Parents have access to spelling word lists and reading lists to enhance the online material.
As a Supplement
  • Access to material one level above and one below student’s default grade.
  • Flexible curriculum allows students to work at different grade levels by subject.
  • 24/7 access means students can log in any time, after school, and even on weekends.
  • No contracts mean families can start, stop or pause membership at any time.
  • Students can repeat lessons for reinforcement and even retake tests and quizzes.
  • Students can work on the lessons they need help with and skip those they have mastered.
  • Self-paced curriculum is ideal for all kinds of learners including gifted and special needs.
  • Convenient online format eliminates the need to drive to the library or tutoring center.

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