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2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum
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Students in 2nd grade language arts will gain more skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They will continue to build an understanding of the connection between sounds, letters, and words. They will gain skills in using word roots to help them figure out the meaning of new words. Second graders practice word use and comprehension by writing to express ideas and information.

On this page, you will review the language arts standards your second grader should know going into this new year, as well as the concepts covered in a second grade language arts curriculum. You’ll also get tips and tricks on helping your second grader make the most of language arts this year.

What Language Arts Concepts Should a 2nd Grader Know?

By the time they finish first grade, students are getting a strong handle on phonemic awareness. They are writing short sentences, reading simple stories and poems, and can begin to explain what they are reading about. Some of the specific skills that second grade language arts students will need to know include:

  • Being able to answer a question about a story they have just read or listened to (who, what, when, why, where)
  • Reading simple stories, fables, and articles fluently and independently
  • Figuring out unfamiliar words using phonetic strategies
  • Identifying the main topic in a text

The ideal second grade language arts curriculum will cover each of these bases with a combination of lessons, activities, and assessments to make sure students are on the track to success. Check out Time4Learning’s 2nd grade language arts scope and sequence as well as our 2nd grade language arts lesson plans to find out how we can help your student master these crucial concepts, and what’s included in our award-winning curriculum.

Reading Goals/Objectives for 2nd Grade

Foundational skills for second grade readers involve making sure they are able to read carefully and independently for sustained periods of time. They will grow in their ability to comprehend unfamiliar text and to make predictions based on what they have just read. Some of the specific reading goals for 2nd grade include:

  • Using the information in text to determine the characters, setting, or plot.
  • Identifying the meaning of words and phrases in appropriately-leveled text based on contextual cues
  • Anticipating, making inferences, and recognizing the author’s point of view of a story

Learn more about Time4Learning’s homeschool reading curriculum and how we help students become fluent, proficient readers.

Writing Goals/Objectives for 2nd grade

In second grade, students continue learning how to communicate clearly and coherently with their writing. They will begin to study the writing process—the stages of writing from pre-writing through editing.

Some of the specific goals that second graders will aim for in writing include:

  • Learn to gather information from sources to answer a question.
  • Writing for different purposes and audiences such as creative, informational/expository, and persuasive forms
  • Creating written drafts that will be revised and edited, with guidance from a teacher

In addition to Time4Learning, an online writing curriculum can help students master specific concepts such as sentence writing, grammar, mechanics, and more.

Grammar Goals/Objectives for 2nd Grade

It is impossible to separate reading and writing skills from the conventions of English. Although often one of the more challenging areas of language arts, second grade students should be on track to creating grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs. Second graders will continue to review the grammar rules they have learned to this point, and will add new concepts such as:

  • Distinguishing between complete and incomplete sentences
  • Identifying and correctly using parts of speech including nouns and verbs
  • Using quotation marks correctly
  • Spelling frequently used, but irregular words correctly (e.g.:  was, were, says, said)

Learn more about Time4Learning’s grammar homeschool curriculum.

Why Choose Time4Learning 2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s comprehensive curriculum for language arts helps provide second grade students with a strong foundation in reading, writing, and English language conventions. Lessons are taught by colorful animated characters that sing, explain, and interact with the students. The homeschool language arts curriculum follows a student-paced approach that grants them the freedom to review or accelerate as needed.

Tens of thousands of families have chosen TimeLearning’s language arts curriculum as either their core program or as a supplement to other programs they are using. Regardless of how you use Time4Learning, below are some of the features and benefits you can expect.

As a Full Curriculum
  • Comprehensive 2nd grade language arts curriculum correlates to all state standards.
  • Engaging curriculum teaches phonics, reading comprehension strategies, writing, and more.
  • Language arts curriculum is presented in a suggested sequence that builds on itself.
  • Curriculum calculators and activity planners help parents create schedules and plan for the year.
  • Reading and spelling lists help families enhance online material.
  • Printable worksheets provide extra practice and help students practice their handwriting and fine motor skills.
  • Well-rounded instruction approaches writing both as an individual process and as a response to literature.
  • Access to a year’s worth of material that includes over 500 standards-based lessons, activities, and assessments.
  • Parents have access to spelling word lists and reading lists to enhance the online material.
As a Supplement
  • Adjustable grade levels mean students can work on different levels by subject and change level any time.
  • Students have access to material for both the grade above and below the current subscribed level.
  • 24/7 access means students can learn important language arts skills after school, and even on weekends.
  • No contracts mean families can use the curriculum for as little or as long as they need.
  • Convenient, online format eliminates the need to drive to a tutoring center or library.
  • Students can work on the lessons they need help with and skip those they have mastered.
  • Flexible, self-paced approach means that students can progress at their own pace in order to fully grasp concepts.
  • Lesson plans help families easily locate specific topics in the curriculum.

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