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Seventh Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Seventh Grade Language Arts Curriculum
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In 7th grade language arts, students should be increasing their ability to analyze and synthesize information, strengthening their reading skills , and improving their writing proficiency.

On this page you will discover the key English language arts (ELA) concepts your 7th grader will need to know, learn more about the general 7th grade language arts objectives, and find out how Time4Learning’s seventh grade language arts curriculum helps homeschool families achieve their goals for this important year of education.

What Do 7th Graders Learn in Language Arts?

Seventh grade is a year of highly visible progress in reading, writing, and language arts. By the end of seventh grade, students should:

  • Develop complex writing skills.
  • Constructively critique their own and other’s writing.
  • Apply punctuation, grammar, and syntax skills.
  • Recognize and apply grade appropriate vocabulary.
  • Read with fluency, with focus on comprehension.
  • Compare books to their movie version and describe how the message is affected.
  • Compare and contrast texts from different authors presenting the same topic.
  • Write more in-depth research papers with citations and quotes from multiple sources.

The ideal curriculum will meet each of these 7th grade language arts standards while using multimedia and engaging projects to keep students motivated to learn.

Learn more about Time4Learning’s seventh grade language arts curriculum by checking out the 7th grade language arts scope and sequence and the 7th grade language arts lesson plans.

Reading Goals & Objectives for 7th grade

Middle schoolers are presented with increasingly complex texts in all subjects, so they must master reading skills that will bridge across all curriculum areas.  A successful 7th grade language arts curriculum will focus on reading skills such as:

  • Using strategies to construct the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Analyze elements and style of different genres of literature
  • Use text evidence to analyze, infer, and synthesize ideas.
  • Determining the theme of a text as well as the author’s purpose
  • Giving an objective summary of a text
  • Identifying and distinguishing between cause and effect in literature

Get more detailed information on our homeschool reading curriculum.

Writing Goals/Objectives for 7th grade

In the middle school years, students are learning how to adapt their written communication to the intended audience, task, or purpose. This involves many different skills including:

  • Learning how to write an analytical argument and support it with claims and evidence
  • Organizing informative/explanatory writing by definition, classification, cause and effect, comparison and contrast
  • Developing topics with relevant content, language, and style
  • Conducting short research projects to answer questions
  • Quoting and paraphrasing information from sources

Time4Learning’s 7th grade language arts activities incorporate instruction, practice and assessment on each of these core writing objectives.

Grammar Goals/Objectives for 7th Grade

Being able to communicate effectively in writing requires a mastery of grammar and mechanics.  Practically, that translates into doing better in school, getting the jobs we seek, and clarifying our points of view. In seventh grade, grammar instruction focuses on concepts such as:

  • Using prepositional phrases and clauses correctly
  • Understanding and use of all parts of speech, including plural nouns, possessive nouns, verb tenses, adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, and conjunctions
  • Applying the rules of convention for capitalization and punctuation
  • Recognition of simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to signal differing relationships among ideas.

Learn more on our homeschool curriculum grammar page.

Why Choose Time4Learning’s 7th Grade Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s 7th grade online homeschool curriculum helps students master each of the above reading, writing, and grammar skills plus so many more. The comprehensive collection of almost 200 video, multimedia activities, and interactive assessments ensures that student instruction is varied and engaging.

Some of the reasons that homeschool families choose Time4Learning’s language arts curriculum for 7th grade include:

As a Full Curriculum
  • Parents can log into the Parent Dashboard to access language arts resources such as teaching guides and progress reports.
  • Members get 24/7 access to a whole year’s worth of materials, so families can begin at any time and use the program in whatever way works best for them.
  • Fully online program allows families to take their homeschooling on-the-go, perfect for roadschoolers, worldschoolers and more.
  • Our program includes tools for parents to easily track student progress and even plan out your homeschool year.
  • Custom spelling lists available in the resources section of the parent dashboard to boost your child’s literacy skills.
  • Students have access to individualized learning paths that ensure skill mastery.
  • Our curriculum allows students to move independently through a range of lessons, and activities.
As a Supplement
  • Lessons use videos and animation where amusing characters make learning new concepts fun.
  • Each of the 7th grade language arts activities in our curriculum is correlated to state standards and helps students prepare for required tests.
  • As a student-paced program, it can be used for remediation or acceleration. Perfect for afterschool or summer learning.
  • Our lessons gradually increase in difficulty so students are incrementally challenged throughout the course.
  • Includes a series of supplemental activities to improve student’s vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and grammar skills.
  • Lessons are accessible 24/7 and can be paused, or repeated as many times as needed for those who benefit from repetition.
  • Assessments are designed to solidify the core language arts skills that 7th graders need to know.

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