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7th Grade Math Curriculum

7th Grade Math Curriculum
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We at Time4Learning view ourselves as partners with parents in ensuring that students finish middle school with the skills they need to be successful in high school level courses. For mathematics, in particular, that means providing a standards-based program that is focused on the major math concepts while using many different types of multimedia tools to engage students and inspire a greater interest in mathematics.

On this page you will discover what 7th graders should know in math, learn more about the general 7th grade math objectives, and find out how Time4Learning’s seventh grade math curriculum helps homeschool families achieve their goals for this important year of education.

What Do 7th Graders Learn in Math?

A seventh grade math curriculum should cover all the math strands, not just arithmetic. The major math strands for seventh grade curriculum are:

  • Number sense and operations
  • Algebra
  • Geometry and spatial sense
  • Ratio and proportional relationships
  • Data analysis
  • Probability

The ideal math curriculum for 7th grade should be based on these standards while engaging students with fun and varied activities.

Learn more about Time4Learning’s seventh grade math curriculum by checking out the 7th grade scope and sequence and the 7th grade math lesson plans.

7th Grade Math Goals and Objectives

A comprehensive 7th grade math curriculum will ensure that students are covering each of these learning targets:

  • Develop an understanding of operations with rational numbers.
  • Accurately represent rational numbers with decimals.
  • Analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems.
  • Draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.
  • Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving angle measure, area, and volume.
  • Extend use of the four basic arithmetic operations on whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.
  • Interpret and analyze data presented in a variety of forms.
  • Use properties of operations to generate equivalent equations.
  • Solve real-world and mathematical problems using numerical and algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities.

Why Choose T4L Seventh Grade Math Homeschool Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s standards-based curriculum covers all of the 7th grade math learning targets listed above, plus many, many more. It is designed to help students develop conceptual understanding of math while improving their ability to apply mathematics to solve problems.  This approach prepares students for the study of more advanced mathematics in later years.

Some of the reasons that homeschool families choose Time4Learning’s seventh grade math curriculum include:

As a Full Curriculum
  • Includes over 500 animated lessons, instructional videos, worksheets and assessments designed to help students gain mastery of these important concepts.
  • Multimedia-based lessons, animated activities, and instructional videos cover all the core learning targets while making sure that 7th grade math practice is entertaining and full of variety.
  • The program uses multiple activity types to instill skill mastery including non-scored activities, quizzes and printable quiz answer keys.
  • Parents get access to printable lesson plans, teaching tools, detailed reporting and parental support.
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping are part of the low monthly subscription price.
  • Parents can set a minimum passing score to ensure their students redo activities below the minimum.
As a Supplement
  • Program includes over 500 seventh grade lessons, activities, and assessments designed to meet or exceed state math standards.
  • Animated, interactive lessons feel more like video games than learning exercises.
  • The curriculum includes simulated assessments that provide 7th grade math standardized test practice.
  • Hands-on activities, appealing visuals, written and spoken materials to keep students engaged no matter their preferred learning method.
  • Our flexible program can be adapted to meet your student’s specific needs.
  • 24/7 easy access from anywhere in a safe and secure environment.
  • Students can pause and redo lessons, quizzes and tests to ensure mastery of those challenging concepts, making it great for learning after school.

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  • ($14.95 monthly for each additional student)

9th - 12th

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