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1st Grade Lesson Plans

1st Grade Lesson Plans
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For many homeschoolers, staying organized and on schedule is a must. Others prefer a more laid back approach to learning and plan their lessons as they go. Regardless of where you fall, Time4Learning makes planning out your year (or week, or day) effortless with our first grade lesson plans.

If you’re looking for information on how to make a lesson plan for first grade, you’ve come to the right place. This page will give you information on how to make a lesson plan for first grade, including information on first grade lessons in math, language arts, and science.

How to Make a Lesson Plan for First Grade

Time4Learning takes care of lesson planning for you so you can focus on other aspects of your child’s education. Especially in the younger grades when children are not quite independent yet.

That said, if you love to plan your own lessons, below you’ll find the necessary steps to help you create one. Whether you want to plan for the year, month, or week, having your first grade lessons laid out will keep you organized and confident when it’s time to teach.

  • Start with an objective for each lesson.
  • Write out the lesson in outline form and include any materials needed.
  • Break your lesson up into a timeline.
  • Warm students up for the lesson with an introduction. This can mean engaging them by asking questions to find out what they already know.
  • Present the information by starting with basic facts.
  • Assign an activity to gauge how much they understand now that you’ve taught the lesson.
  • Give students time to ask questions or clear up any confusion.
  • Wrap up the lesson by going over the concept one more time.

1st Grade Lesson Plans for Math

Time4Learning’s 1st grade lessons plans for math include more than 15 chapters with over 200 activities. These will help your student build those foundational skills that are so important to help them succeed in later years.

Some of the concepts included in your 1st grader’s lessons include:

  • Number sense: reading, comparing and counting numbers; place value, odd and even numbers.
  • Fractions: equal and unequal parts, halves, fourths, and thirds.
  • Operations: adding and subtracting, place value, one-digit addition and subtraction, one-digit word problems.
  • Patterns: Sorting using one and two attributes, building and classifying patterns, rules for sorting.
  • Algebra: Order property, fact families, number sentences, greater than and less than.

1st Grade Lesson Plans for Language Arts

With over 15 chapters and more than 400 activities, Time4Learning’s language arts curriculum for 1st grade engages your child to improve their literacy skills.

In our 1st grade language arts lessons students will explore:

  • Consonants and short vowels: sights and sounds of m, r, h, s, d, t, a, p, z, k, qu, i.
  • Digraphs and vowels: sights and Sounds of ck, ea, sh.
  • Digraphs and long vowels: sights and Sounds of ng, long a, ch.
  • Reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency: recalling details, beginning, middle, and end.
  • Phonological awareness: blending sounds, first, middle, and last sounds.

1st Grade Lesson Plans for Science

First grade lessons for science are all about discovering and learning about Earth, physical science, life science, and more. Parents will have tons of materials to go over with their 1st grader.

Some of the lessons you’ll find include:

  • Physical science: states of matter, light and sound energy, magnets
  • Living and nonliving things: distinguish between living and nonliving, amphibians, different animal environments
  • Earth/space: weather, water cycle
  • Inquiry: science tools
  • Life science: plants

What Is Included In Time4Learning’s 1st Grade Lesson Plans?

The Time4Learning first grade lesson plans include detailed information on each lesson and activity. Since Time4Learning’s online curriculum teaches the material for you, you won’t find information on how to teach the concepts, however, you’ll have access to the following to help you in creating your first grade lesson plans:

  1. Name of each lesson and activity
  2. Description and objective
  3. Activity type (scored, non-scored, printable worksheets, test)
  4. Activity number
  5. Number of chapters, activities, worksheets, quizzes within each subject
  6. Answer keys for printable worksheets

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