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11th Grade Science Curriculum

11th Grade Science Curriculum
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In 11th grade science, most students typically study chemistry or physics (depending on courses they took in previous years). The exact order can vary depending on the state requirements, and student’s academic level.

Time4Learning’s 11th grade science curriculum automatically assigned the physics course, but parents always have the option to choose another science course.

Learn more about the different science curriculum options for 11th grade, learning targets you should be focusing on and how Time4Learning can help you achieve them.

What Do You Teach in Science in 11th Grade?

What you teach in 11th grade science will depend on the course you’ve selected for the year. That said, below are some general concepts and ideas that should be covered in an 11th grade science curriculum:

  • Overview of physics principles, procedures, and laws.
  • Introduction to matter, energy and the interactions between the two.
  • Understanding of scientific principles and processes.
  • Real-world application through interactive activities and labs.

Although Time4Learning auto-assigns physics for 11th grade students, parents are free to assign the biology curriculum or chemistry curriculum instead.

Science Objectives for 11th Grade

Your child’s goals and objectives should be measurable, so that you can assess progress easily. Based on the typical course sequence involving physics for 11th grade, your learning targets should look something like this:

  • Use graphs and equations to solve problems related to velocity, energy, gravity, etc.
  • Describe the laws of Newton, Kepler, Ohm, and Einstein.
  • Explain the different types of energy and give examples.
  • Compare energy processes involved in electricity, magnetism, nuclear fission, etc.
  • Distinguish between conductors and insulators, types of mirrors, wave interactions, etc.
  • Describe how light and sound waves function in our environment.
  • Identify applications of radioactive decay, hydrogen fusion, electromagnets, etc.
  • Analyze the relationship between pitch and frequency, wavelength and wave speed, etc.

Why Choose T4L Eleventh Grade Science Homeschool Curriculum?

Choosing Time4Learning’s science curriculum for 11th grade will help your students achieve their academic goals while also allowing them to pursue other areas of interest. Homeschoolers enjoy the rigorous lessons and flexible schedule, while after school students enjoy the variety of materials to supplement what they have learned in traditional school.

Subjects like chemistry and physics can be tricky for students because there is a lot to remember, and there’s an emphasis on math.  Our 11th grade science curriculum takes complex concepts and processes and makes them easier for students to understand.

Here are some ways that Time4Learning’s 11th grade science program can help:

As a Full Curriculum
  • Choice among 11th grade science courses allows parents to customize high school science to their child’s needs.
  • Lessons are guided by experienced teachers using humor, positive reinforcement, and real-world applications to create engagement and confidence.
  • Students have access to the CloseReader tool to highlight text and add sticky notes.
  • Lessons are interactive, incorporating graphic organizers, charts and graphs, diagrams, and animations.
  • Virtual labs help students apply concepts and learn to write lab reports and reflections.
  • Presentation and design projects immerse students in science concepts while building college and career skills.
  • Parent access to planning and recordkeeping tools make homeschooling easier and more effective.
  • Customizable reports and automated grading help with keeping homeschool portfolios.
As a Supplement
  • Time4Learning’s flexible system allows parents to change science courses of study, plan for completion of all or part of a science curriculum, or target particular scientific concepts or skills
  • The 11th grade science curriculum can be used as a summer course or for afterschool learning
  • Interactive online lessons are different from typical instruction at traditional schools, making learning engaging in a different way rather than repeating what was done in school.
  • Instruction is supplemented with interactive activities, virtual labs, and presentation and design projects, all of which can reinforce learning from the traditional school day.
  • Students have access to learning anywhere the Internet is available and any time (24/7) to fit the busy schedules of teenagers.
  • Parents can monitor progress and choose to support math and ELA gaps found through work done in science by accessing other subjects.
  • Parents can start or stop the program at any time with no contracts.

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