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3rd Grade Science Curriculum

3rd Grade Science Curriculum
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This year, students will get hands on with third grade science as they observe, investigate and experiment. Not only will they learn new concepts, but they will also dive into more complex studies on material from previous years such as Earth/space, life science, and physical science.

Learn more about how Time4Learning’s 3rd grade science curriculum can help your child understand and appreciate the world around them.

What do you Teach in Science in 3rd Grade?

In third grade, students learn about the invisible forces of static electricity and magnetism, the different ecosystems and the species in them among other concepts. As students learn scientific facts, they are expanding their vocabulary and strengthening their reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Third graders start to develop the ability to ask scientific questions, plan and carry out simple experiments and start to develop hypotheses based on their observations.

Although science standards will vary by state, some of the concepts you can expect to see in any third grade science curriculum include:

  • Changes in motion caused by forces (gravity, friction)
  • Electricity and magnetism (conductors, insulators)
  • Weather and climate
  • Forms of energy (heat, light, sound)
  • Ecology (food chains, ecosystems, balance of nature, adaptations)

Check out Time4Learning’s 3rd grade scope and sequence for science to view the different activities included in our science program for third grade.

Science Objectives for Third Grade

Making sure your third grader accomplishes their learning objectives for science is a must, otherwise, learning more complex concepts in the upcoming years will only prove difficult. Since homeschooling laws vary based on where you live, be sure to find out what your state’s homeschool requirements are when it comes to third grade science.

Typically, you’ll find that science objectives for third grade include the following:

  • Makes inferences about their observations, collects data and records information
  • Understands life cycles of both plants and animals
  • Knows the different processes (weathering, erosion) that shape Earth’s features
  • Understands how different organisms interact with their environment

Why Choose Time4Learning 3rd Grade Science Curriculum

Science is often considered one of the most fun subjects for elementary students. Tapping into children’s natural curiosity makes teaching science so joyful for the parent and exciting for the student.

Time4Learning wants to make sure you focus on the fun part of educating your child and less on the administrative part. Our interactive program teaches third grade students all the scientific facts they need to learn with fun and engaging animated lessons. Our third grade science curriculum empowers students and gives them the confidence to ask questions and get hands on.

While students can learn and progress at their own pace, parents can easily keep track of their work with automated grading and recordkeeping.

Below are some additional benefits of Time4Learning’s third grade science curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum
  • Science curriculum includes tons of ideas for hands-on projects and offline activities to help reinforce online lessons.
  • Engaging lessons and activities assess student understanding along the way.
  • Science supply lists include everything parents will need to engage their children with hands-on projects.
  • Activities incorporate content-specific vocabulary to build language arts skills for a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Access to one level above and one below allows students to review second grade science concepts or get a head start for fourth grade.
As a Supplement
  • Flexible curriculum allows students to skip material they’ve mastered and work only on the lessons they need help with.
  • 24/7 access means students can practice science after school, in the evenings, and even on weekends.
  • Lessons begin by building on what students already know about a particular topic to teach new concepts.
  • Students can repeat lessons as often as needed to ensure understanding; they can also retake tests and quizzes.
  • No contracts and month-to-month billing means parents can start, stop or pause their membership at any time.

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