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4th Grade Science Curriculum

4th Grade Science Curriculum
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Fourth grade science students are becoming more sophisticated in their ability to explain and describe scientific concepts. They will speculate about the observations they make. They will also connect the topics they are learning about to their own experiences.

When choosing your ideal fourth grade science program, you will want to make sure that your curriculum uses hands-on, student-centered, and inquiry-based approaches to keep your student engaged and motivated to learn.

This page will address the areas you are curious about when exploring different 4th grade science curriculum options:

What Do You Teach in Science in 4th Grade?

Fourth graders explore three different branches of science this year: physical science, life science, and earth & space science. When homeschooling, you have the freedom to focus on the concepts that you choose, but some of the most common topics covered in fourth grade science curriculum are:

  • Scientific inquiry and investigation
  • Changes in matter and energy
  • Engineering & technology
  • Solar System & Universe
  • Living things, life cycles, and food webs

Your fourth grade science lessons should inspire your children to love science! The topics taught become a launchpad for your child’s curiosity, turning them into investigators and problem-solvers.

Check out Time4Learning’s 4th grade scope and sequence for science to view the different activities included in our science program for fourth grade.

Fourth Grade Science Objectives

By the end of their fourth grade year, your student should be much more than an observer of science–he/she should be an active participant. An effective 4th grade science curriculum builds on the knowledge your student has gained in the previous school years to focus on deeper understanding of scientific concepts. It also connects those concepts to other areas of the curriculum such as math and literacy.

Some of the specific goals to reach for in fourth grade science include:

  • Representing data in tables and graphical displays.
  • Participate in scientific activities and learning practices, using scientific language and tools.
  • Exploring the components of various systems and explaining the relationships between them.
  • Comparing and contrasting attributes of things with a focus on communicating the similarities and differences.
  • Formulate predictions in the realm of science based on observed cause and effect relationships.

Why Choose Time4Learning 4th Grade Science Curriculum?

Time4Learning’s science curriculum makes it fun and easy for families to teach science at home. To ensure that students love and are excited by science, a good homeschool science program must be more than just a presentation of facts. With Time4Learning, science is taught using a combination of animated lessons, engaging activities, hands-on experiments, supplemental worksheets, quizzes and tests.

Below are just some of the features and benefits that you can expect when you choose Time4Learning’s fourth grade science curriculum for your homeschool.

As a Full Curriculum

  • Comprehensive 4th grade science curriculum includes over 100 activities.
  • Access to supply lists allows families to take part in hands-on projects at home.
  • Interactive STEM curriculum correlates to state standards and teaches using the 5E instructional model.
  • Material covers tons of topics including energy, engineering, Earth, living things, and more.
  • Access to detailed lesson plans provides information on every science lesson.
  • Supplemental printable worksheets and ideas for hands-on projects provide extra practice and help reinforce online lessons.
  • Graded assessments help parents gauge mastery of topics.
  • New vocabulary is introduced to build language arts skills and provide a well-rounded learning experience.
As a Supplement

  • Access to material for the grade above and below allows students to review 3rd grade science concepts or get a head start for 5th.
  • Science curriculum also incorporates math and vocabulary into lessons to enhance learning.
  • 24/7 access means students can log in and practice after school or on weekends.
  • Students can work on the science lessons they need help with and skip those they have mastered.
  • Students can repeat lessons until they fully understand concepts and even retake tests and quizzes.
  • Low monthly fee is more affordable than expensive tutors and eliminates the need to drive to a learning center.
  • Self-paced curriculum allows students to take their time and progress at their own pace.

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