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Sixth Grade Science Curriculum

Sixth Grade Science Curriculum
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What should a 6th grader know in science? If you’re trying to find the answer to that question, you’ve come to the right place. This page includes information on what a sixth grade science curriculum should include, objectives for sixth grade science, information on how Time4Learning can help your child meet those objectives and make science fun.

What Do You Teach in Science in 6th Grade?

Time4Learning sixth grade science students have three course options to choose from. Although there is no specific sequence to follow, life science is usually the recommended course for sixth graders. However, Time4Learning members are able to select a different middle school science course for their student if they choose.

Below are the middle school science courses available to Time4Learning members.

Learn more about Time4Learning’s sixth grade science curriculum by checking out the 6th grade science scope and sequence and the 6th grade science lesson plans.

Science Objectives for Sixth Grade

At the end of the year, sixth grade science students should have achieved a number of objectives for the year. It’s important to find out what your state’s homeschool requirements are when it comes to sixth grade science. Typically, you’ll find that science objectives for sixth grade include:

  • Distinguish between variables and controls in a scientific investigation
  • Analyze data to determine validity and reliability
  • Explain the steps of photosynthesis
  • Identify the components and structure of DNA
  • Explain how scientists determine the age of a fossil

Why Choose Time4Learning Sixth Grade Science Homeschool Curriculum

The Time4Learning sixth grade science curriculum not only makes learning science fun, but it also helps your child achieve each of the objectives mentioned above and more. The interactive, comprehensive curriculum teaches through the use of engaging video lessons led by experienced teachers that help students gain a thorough understanding of the material. Keep in mind that although Time4Learning assigns life science to sixth grade students, parents have the option to choose another one of our middle school science courses.

Below are additional benefits of the Time4Learning sixth grade science curriculum.

As a Full Curriculum
    Embedded projects help students apply newly-acquired skills.
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping features save parents time.
  • Builds on prior observation, measurement, and recordkeeping skills, to record, organize, interpret, and display data.
  • Students have the option to repeat lessons and even retake tests and quizzes.
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators help keep students organized and working independently.
  • Teaches cell biology, genetics and evolution of living organisms.
  • Develops understanding of the roles different types of organisms play in an ecosystem.
As a Supplement
  • Note-taking guides help students retain information and are ideal for test prep.
  • Engaging virtual science labs help reinforce scientific concepts.
  • Self-paced format means students can take their time with challenging concepts and progress at a quicker pace with those they understand.
  • Our materials correlate to life sciences national standards.
  • Reinforces knowledge of scientific methods, science concepts and more.
  • Encourages students to develop their own questions and perform investigations.
  • Helps deepen understanding of relationships between living organisms in an ecosystem.

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9th - 12th

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