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7th Grade Science Curriculum

7th Grade Science Curriculum
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Time4Learning recognizes how important it is that students head into high school with a strong foundation in standards-based science inquiry. Our middle school science curriculum is correlated to state standards and organized into three primary courses: Earth/Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Families can choose which course to use for their 7th grade homeschool science curriculum.

On this page you will discover what students learn in 7th grade science and what goals your 7th grader should be reaching for in science this year.  You’ll also find out how easy it is to meet those goals using Time4Learning’s online curriculum for middle school science.

What Do You Teach in Science in 7th grade?

Homeschool families have a lot of flexibility when it comes to 7th grade science curriculum. Most often, 7th graders will focus on one of these three areas:

Learn more about the concepts your student should be learning for each using the links above.

Science Objectives for Seventh Grade

In 7th grade, it’s important to broaden your student’s natural curiosity to help them start preparing for high school. Observing, experimenting, theorizing and developing explanations will set them on the right track to maximize their learning potential in science. To accomplish this, 7th grade science should focus on:

  • Using scientific language in written and oral communication to present scientific findings.
  • Accurately describing the general functions of the different cell components.
  • How organisms pass on their genes.
  • Explaining the primary functions of different organs and systems in the human body.
  • Orally listing out the different forms of energy and their sources.
  • Explaining how the different types of energy can be detected.
  • Describe biodiversity and how living things respond to environmental changes.
  • Identifying patterns in nature and explaining their connections.
  • Understanding differences between weather and climate.
  • How elements are arranged on the periodic table.

Why Choose Time4Learning Seventh Grade Science Homeschool Curriculum

Teaching 7th grade science doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right 7th grade science curriculum doing the heavy lifting for you, your family can focus on all the exciting explorations science has to offer.

Below are just a few reasons why thousands of families have chosen Time4Learning for over 15 years to help their children reach their 7th grade science goals.

As a Full Curriculum
  • 7th grade science is taught using a combination of animated lessons, engaging activities, quizzes and tests.
  • Our science curriculum provides an interactive format that will engage students as they learn tons of important science concepts and gain valuable science skills.
  • Our adaptable program can be customized to meet any homeschooling style.
  • Parents have the ability to set a minimum score which will prompt students to redo lessons if they do not meet the minimum threshold.
  • Reports can be customized by date, subject and even activity type, making it a great ally to keep homeschool portfolios organized and up to date.
  • Our homeschool program is a certified autism resource by IBCCES. Our goal is to support students with different learning capabilities.
As a Supplement
  • Self-paced approach allows students to learn on their own terms and thoroughly understand complex science concepts.
  • Tons of visually appealing, written and spoken materials as well as hands-on activities to captive different types of learners.
  • Students love the animated lessons, instructional videos, quizzes, tests and both online and offline projects.
  • All our middle school science courses are correlated to state standards. Perfect as an after school program or test prep.
  • Our curriculum has built in feedback and repetition capabilities to help students master skills and build confidence.
  • 24/7 access from any location with internet connection and a laptop.

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