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5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum
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A fifth grade social studies curriculum offers students an opportunity to not only learn about the history of the country they live in, but also other parts of the world. This information allows them to explore the differences and similarities they share with other cultures, as well as discover how different societies from long ago contributed their inventions and ideas that are a part of our lives today.

This page includes tons of information on what students should learn when studying 5th grade social studies, objectives for the year, and how Time4Learning’s 5th grade social studies lessons can help your child achieve those objectives.

What do You Teach in 5th Grade Social Studies?

Fifth grade social studies usually begins by studying early societies such as the Olmec Civilization and the Phoenicians. Typically following a chronological order, students then move on to Ancient Greece before they begin to focus on U.S. history. You’ll find that social studies lesson plans also include the study of geography, economics, and politics.

Below are just a few other topics your child will learn about this year.

  • Contributions of the Shang and Zhou dynasties
  • Greek scholars such as Pythagoras and Hippocrates
  • Political science and the purpose of government

Learn more about Time4Learning’s fifth grade social studies curriculum by checking out the 5th grade social studies scope and sequence and the 5th grade social studies lesson plans.

Social Studies Objectives for Fifth Grade

By the end of this year, students should have a good understanding of ancient civilizations and the exploration and colonization of North America and the impact these had on human history.

Some of the social studies objectives our online curriculum will help your child achieve this year include:

  • Explain the new system of democracy in Ancient Greece and how it would impact future governments throughout the world
  • Demonstrate an understanding of U.S. history during the Westward Expansion period from 1820-1850
  • Locate all 50 U.S. states on a map as well as their capitals

Why Choose Time4Learning Fifth Grade Social Studies Curriculum?

Although it is often considered students’ least favorite subject, there are ways to make social studies an interesting subject. Time4Learning’s online curriculum for fifth grade social studies provides students with a good foundation on important social studies topics through interactive lessons that allow students to progress at their own pace.

Our curriculum provides parents with the recommended sequence they should follow which include quizzes and tests to help gauge student progress and understanding. However, parents have the flexibility to modify these as needed. As well, Time4Learning is constantly publishing free supplemental unit studies on different topics to complement the 5th grade social studies activities and motivate students to learn more.

The Time4Learning 5th grade social studies curriculum is provided as a bonus and isn’t necessarily considered a complete curriculum in some states. It’s important to find out what your state’s homeschooling laws are in order to determine if our social studies curriculum will satisfy your state’s requirements.

Below are some of the features and benefits of the Time4Learning fifth grade social studies curriculum.

As a Full Curriculum
  • 5th grade social studies curriculum includes almost 450 activities within 16 chapters.
  • Answer keys for tests and quizzes available for parents.
  • Range of topics taught cover various time periods, important events, and famous figures who paved the way for change.
  • Self-paced curriculum allows students to take their time with challenging concepts and work with different learning styles.
  • Many lessons include suggested books, vocabulary words, and more to enhance online material.
  • Detailed social studies lesson plans provide information on each lesson and activity.
As a Supplement
  • With 24/7 access, students can log in any time, day or night, even on weekends.
  • Social studies lessons build reading skills while teaching topics such as U.S. politics, American Civil War, world geography, and more.
  • Convenient, online format eliminates having to drive to a learning center or hiring an expensive tutor.
  • Students can follow the suggested sequence or simply work on the lessons they need extra practice on.
  • Access to 4th grade social studies helps students review previous concepts if need be.

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